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Contesting the tax assessment of your commercial or industrial property can be a very complicated process that requires the assistance of an experienced attorney.  We have all the tools and expertise necessary to ensure that your tax assessment remains at its lowest level.  Call us for a free consultation, or use the form below to provide your contact information.


As with commercial and industrial property,  multi-family assessment complaints can become very involved and require knowledge than you can only get from an experienced real estate tax attorney.  This office has successfully handled countless appeals and saved it's clients thousands of dollars, helping to boost their  bottom line


Since 2008, our office has filed 1,000's of assessment complaints on residential properties.  Our experience will assure you that we will present the strongest case possible to reduce your assessment.  The tax assessment process is designed to give you the opportunity to be involved, and bring your tax assessment to its lowest level.  We can help you get there.

Saving you money is our ONLY business


*Total savings above are estimated based on the most recent equalized tax rate at the time of assessment reduction.  Individual results vary depending on the current assessment, available evidence supporting a reduction, and other factors.

Through years of experience, we have gained the expertise necessary to ensure that we can provide the best representation available, and that your tax assessment will reach its lowest level.


Our goal is to ensure that each of our client's Cook County real estate tax bill remains fair and equitable.

William J. Davy, Jr - Founder


Thank you, William J. Davy, and TEAM for a Job Well Done.  The SAVINGS are OVERWHELMING.  My cup overflowith!

 - J. C. (Rogers Park)

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